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This is a list of operas by black creators (composers, librettists, choreographers, etc.) of which we are aware. It provides a glimpse of the wide range of black operatic activities that have been pursued around the world and throughout history. In general, these works have not yet enjoyed comprehensive scholarly engagement, though some research has been published on a small number of these works—where this is the case, you can click through to the sources listed in the ‘Literature’ section. We’ll keep updating the list with details of newly created works as they become known. For a more comprehensive database, please visit Allison Lewis and Nicholas Newton’s list here. The preliminary version of this catalogue was assembled by BORN members Naomi André and Mia Pistorius. Our data is necessarily incomplete—we need you to help us expand! Please do get in touch if you know more details about any of the works, or if you’d like to suggest additions to the list. With your permission, we’ll credit your input on a ‘list of contributors’.